/KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation pH Balancing Quick Cleansing Pad (100pcs)

KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation pH Balancing Quick Cleansing Pad (100pcs)


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What is it?

The KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation pH Balancing Quick Cleansing Pad is a simple way to gently wipe away impurities from your skin. Hydrolysed Pearl Extracts hydrate, brighten and tone for a non-greasy, clean feel. Enriched with Marine Collagen and Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate , the formula is balanced with a calming complex that leaves moisture for a fresh feeling. These pads are 58% larger than most brands to reduce waste and ensure a larger surface is covered with just one pad.

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Key Ingredients


A by product of fermented yeast, this liquid contains essential minerals, amino acids, beta-glucans and vitamins beneficial for skin. It moisturises, soothes, brightens and fights the signs of aging. This ingredient works to encourage cell turnover, leading to brighter, more even and hydrated skin.


A compound that is a humectant meaning it works to moisturise the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer. It also forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss making Glycerin a powerhouse ingredient to fight against dry skin.


Pearl Extract provides skin with a natural, supple and youthful glow and can help with acne. It is rich in nutrients that are vital for healthy skin such as, calcium, magnesium and zinc. These nutrients help to restore balance in the skin, promote skin regeneration, and heal blemishes – all crucial elements in acne treatment. Pearl Extract may reduce skin discolouration and redness. It also has cell regenerating properties that prevent the skin from appearing to be aged, wrinkled and sagging.  Pearl also contains a special compound known as Conchiolin which promotes collagen production, resulting in plump, glowing skin. Conchiolin is able to improve hydration of skin cells, speed up cell metabolism, increase circulation, and help to repair damaged cells.

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  1. Purified water Glycereth-25 PCA aiisostearate Dipropylene glycol 12-hexanediol Sodium hyaluronate Butylene glycol pearl extract (1,000 pm. Hydrolized collagen SPI Luria or Platensis Extract, Glycerin, Chlorella Bulgarian Extract, Sugar Kelp Extract, Plankton Extract Mall Orange Peel Oil Lavender Extract, Clari Extract Hyacinth Outpost Extract Matricaria Petal Extract, Borage extract, Cornflower flower extract, Hydroxyacetophe, ethylhexyl glycerin, sodium citrate Citric acid,


  1. Wipe your skin with make-up with the pad embossing printed side to gently remove makeup.
  2. Wipe your skin with the soft side of the pad to hydrate.
  3. Wash of with warm water.


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