/Jade Dual Ended Facial Massage Roller

Jade Dual Ended Facial Massage Roller


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What is it?

This little beauty tool is a great partner for your skincare routine!

Featuring two different shaped rollers – one for larger areas of your face and a smaller roller to massage under eyes, this jade facial roller massages the muscles and tissues of your face to provide many benefits. Traditionally used as far back as seventh century China for their healing and massaging properties, rolling or massaging with a jade roller improves circulation and blood flow to the skin. Another benefit to the jade roller is the coolness in temperature of the stone can rid puffiness in the skin, especially if stored in the fridge and used under eyes in the morning, giving a brightened, awake look. The serum or essence from sheet masks and other skincare products can be absorbed easier with the help of a facial roller.

To extend the life of your roller wipe clean after every use and do not submerge in water.

Due to the natural stone each roller will slightly vary in colour

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