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Face masks come in a variety of different types and are applied to your face, either through a sheet mask or applied directly to your face and then washed off or soak into your skin. Sheet masks are a one time use sheet made of cotton, fibre or material soaked in serum or essence. Other types of masks can be applied directly to the face, left on according to instructions and then washed off or left to soak into the skin.

They are a great way to unwind at the end of the day and relax while targeting specific skin concerns and adding hydration. Face masks are a great way to add variety to a set skincare routine and are a cheap and easy way to test out products and find out what you like best without splurging on a product only to find out it doesn’t work for you.

Whether you have a set skincare routine or not, face masks will most likely begin your descent into the world of Asian Beauty.


Sheet masks are a one time use sheet made of cotton, fibre or material soaked in serum or essence.

Generally most sheet masks sold on Brighter Beauty can be used as often as you like, once a week to once a day or even twice a day!

They can be left on as long as you like and taken off just before they dry up on your face.

It is recommended to use sheet masks at least a few times a week to start seeing visible results on your skin.

Sheet Masks have a guide to how often you should use it so please refer to instructions.


There’s a huge variety of sheet masks that target specific skin concerns – hydration, anti-aging, brightening, firming, clarifying, nourishing and much much more. An advantage of using sheet masks is the serum or essence soaked up by the mask hydrates your face longer than if it was applied to your face directly without the sheet. The sheet locks in the serum and prevents it from being absorbed and drying out straight away.

Face masks also bring variety into a set skincare routine. Sometimes we can get tired of using the same products over and over on our face. Face masks are a great way to introduce variety into routines without breaking your budget. They’re cheap and you are able to test out as many as you want to see which ones you like best.

After a busy day, we just want to put our feet up and relax and have some me time so what are you waiting for? Browse our great selection of masks and soon you will be sitting back relaxing with a mask on! It’s never too late to start looking after your skin.


Feeling super hot from the Australian weather? Need some hydration? Pop a sheet mask or a few, into your fridge. Whenever you need one, take one out of the fridge and pop it on. What do you get? An instant cooling sensation perfect for the hot weather.

–  Don’t like the cold feeling from the mask? Pop the packet in some warm, not boiling, water or run it under warm water for a few minutes before putting it on to get rid of the cooling sensation if you do not enjoy it. Caution, feel the mask before putting in your face to test the temperature.

Left over serum/essence from a sheet mask? Don’t let it go to waste! After removing the sheet mask don’t wash or wipe it off. Tap the remaining serum left on your face in and wait for it to absorb. Rub the sheet mask over your neck, chest, arms and legs.

Remaining serum/essence left in the packet? You can use this to rehydrate your mask if you can start it feeling to dry or pour the leftover into a sterilised mini container to pat into your face the next day.

Want to take your mask to the next level? Use a silicone face mask cover on top of your sheet mask to lock in even more hydration and keep your mask from drying out. Silicone covers are available from the shop  in the Accessories section!

Keep your wash off masks hygienic by using a spatula to scoop product out and not your fingers. Make sure to wash the spatula after using and air dry. Close the product immediately after using.