What Is Brighter Beauty? 

Brighter Beauty is an online Australian store stocking the best Korean skincare to help your skin be the best it can be.

It’s never too late to have brighter, beautiful skin!


After my own skin struggles, I stumbled upon the world of Korean Beauty and discovered effective, cost efficient products that worked.

I began purchasing Korean skincare but found that I had to sacrifice shipping times for the cheap prices. Most times I had to wait a few weeks for my products and being the impatient person that I am, I just couldn’t wait to try them.

From there the concept of Brighter Beauty began in 2017. I wanted to make K-Beauty products more accessible to Australians without a big markup on the products. Brighter Beauty began with just sheet masks as I believe they’re a great introduction to skincare. They’re cheap, easy to use (even for beginners) and the variety is huge! Now the product line is slowly expanding into other areas of skincare. 


Face masks, especially sheet masks are gathering a cult following all around the world with some people using a mask once or even twice a day! As Korean skincare isn’t easily sourced in Australia it’s up to chance if you happen to find a physical K-Beauty store that stocks what you’re looking for and even then it’s hard to even know what to buy in physical stores as most packaging isn’t translated into English. I aim to provide a solution to the growing demand for Korean skincare that cannot easily be sourced in Australia.

I believe in simple and informative descriptions stating the key ingredients, why they’re beneficial to skin and the full ingredient list. Every single product’s ingredient list that is stocked at Brighter Beauty has been researched to see what ingredients are contained and which can be beneficial for your skin. 

Overseas online retailers usually have high shipping costs attached to their lower priced products which is a downside for us Australians.

Have you ever filled up your cart for a shop to just close the browser because of high shipping costs that almost double the value of your cart? Or checked tracking constantly even though you know it wont be coming for a few weeks, at minimum?

Choose Brighter Beauty and pay for the product, not unreasonable shipping prices!

Unfortunately we can’t offer the same prices as overseas retailers as the shipping costs are high to get the products imported here and the exchange rate of our dollar to other currencies to put it simply.. isn’t great.

I hope you’ll choose to support a local small business and in return you’ll get your products faster and a personalised customer service experience should you need it!